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Add Peanut Butter To Brownie Mix

information about the organic industry to Life Light TV
Life Light TV press release
In www.lifelight.tv sends the new information and shopping channel for natural products every day new ideas about ecological and sustainable life. Members receive a 20% discount on all natural products from the assortment of Life Light TV. The internet platform lifelight.tv offers suggestions and information on healthy eating, high-quality natural products, fair trade and background reports on the producers of organic products. All interviews and presentations will be broadcast in audio-visual video contributions! On natural foods will discuss the Food and health counselor Betty Greb-Kohler each week a new theme package of organic food. It gives tips on healthy eating and informed ...

German Biokongress 2009: organic industry in transition - read success strategies
on cafe-
future.net On 11 and 12 November 2009, in Sulzbach near Frankfurt, the 1 German Biokongress 2009. It is about success strategies for an industry in transition. Accordingly, Congress is the title: Bio reinvents itself! Organizer is 'The Conference Group', a company owned by the German specialist publisher. As a cooperation partner in the boat are the journals Food magazine, newspaper and agricultural BioHandel. The venue is the Dorint Hotel in the Main Taunus Zentrum, Sulzbach ...

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How To Get Static Electricity Out Of A Blanket

Welcome back to milk strike and GM misery
saveourseeds read at the taz
The tazblog of Saveourseeds logs after a summer break back. Remarkably what is done in four weeks so everything. Here's a short list of events and news we like to be here comments were ...

saving with flavors
read in life-without-diaet.de
Felix Ahlers has a blog entry at a chill set a slide presentation that compares the prices. What would it cost 100 kg of yogurt to flavor. I take the data and calculate simple yet each time the savings compared to real raspberries: Natural Fresh raspberries 31.50 EUR raspberry flavor raspberry as a raw material 12,50 EUR (60% savings) Natural ...
http://www.leben-ohne- diaet.de/blog/sparen-mit-aromen-01867.html

Hunger & Lust: Interview with Uwe Knop
read in life-without-diaet.de
Last week I presented the book Hunger and desire. The author Uwe Knop was kind enough to give me a little interview.
first For whom is the book? Is it thick, want to lose weight, thickness, who want to stay thin or normal weight? The book
in principle, to all the people who are interested in the most essential impulse to preserve life: The natural instincts of his hunger with "accompanying emotion" pleasure. What's in it, applies only to fundamentally sound, regardless of whether the readers are thick or thin. If confidence in your body is true, then the reader feel in a world of "food propaganda" hopefully finally confirmed in their natural eating habits and bad conscience on "junk food" silenced for good. Is the natural body sensation, however disturbed by too much intellectual-controlled diet and dieting, then this book will help to strengthen the confidence in their own instinctive feelings again.
second Is it possible to remove with the help of your book?
people who want to lose weight should first ask themselves: Will I really lose weight or am I forced by my environment to that? Do I feel good, as I I? You may then come to the realization that you have no interest to decrease. If, however, the decision is to reduce weight, then my book can provide useful information in principle, because losing weight is soberly considered quite simple: The energy balance must be negative. You have to take less energy than you consume. Sounds easy and it is for some, too. But for most people ...

U.S. judge stops Monsanto's sugar beet
read at naturkost.de
The U.S. government has failed to reduce the environmental risks of genetically manipulated to check sugar prior to approval. The judge issued a Federal District Court in San Francisco ...

basic online store biowelt.de offers nearly 2,000 certified products
press release basic about food-monitor.de
Shopping in the network is becoming increasingly popular. This was confirmed by a recent study by the GfK. Accordingly, last year on the World Wide Web approximately 13.6 billion euros of goods and services output. The trend is rising and the benefits of purchasing your home are obvious. Around-the- Clock, no hassle finding a parking space and long lines at the checkout. In July 2009 opened the organic supermarket chain store in their basic Internet and is on track. Stephanie Paulk, CEO of the basic AG: "The shopping in the network is becoming increasingly popular. Above all, customers who do not have our 24 branches nationwide in the area, use our extensive online offering. We are constantly expanding the range and look forward to growing visitor numbers in our online store, "The benefits of online shopping for basic at a glance. ...

Read about 100,000 mugs Fair Trade coffee and Tchibo for the world record in
ots - Tchibo press release
The world record attempt was successful: more than 100,000 cups of Fairtrade coffee
today were drunk within an hour across
Germany. Tchibo has contributed significantly to the success of the action
"Kaffee.Pause.Fair" by TransFair Germany. Alone in
the 500 participating stores with Tchibo Coffee Bar in
the action time over 15,000 cups of fair-trade cappuccino are served free

Nutrition: Good potatoes, potatoes bad
read on spiegel.de
fat Too much food makes you fat, right. But what's of energy in a potato - and what's with fries or chips? How many laps around a sports field you need to burn up the energy again, showing "Your Mirror", the new magazine for children. ... has
http://www.spiegel.de/deinspiegel/0, 1518,648792,00. html

first label at Slow Food supporter
read on slow-food.de
Federal Food Minister Ilse Aigner word kept and presented a unified logo for GE-free products. Slow Food had the required together with other associations, after in the absence of the "no-gene" labeling of such labels could now face an uphill struggle. The first Labe l awarded the Minister personally to the Slow Food Farmers' producer group supporter Schwäbisch Hall ..

Farmers Union called for a return to violent protests in -
population become increasingly critical to destruction of milk
read at ots, Farmers' Union Press Release
The increasing radicalization of the protest group
of dairy farmers less and less understanding found in
fellow citizens, consumers and politicians, but also with professional colleagues
itself the systematic destruction and spilling the food
is milk with manure wagons ethically questionable, and winds of
population more and more to understand. When
Conference of Agriculture Ministers in Eisleben if the suspension was destroyed, triggering a
fish kills and forced politicians. Suspended or
burned dolls in protests in front of national agricultural ministries
slogans such as "Here sit the peasant murderer" or ...

Redneck Drivers License Bushnell

anniversary Podcast # 10: Sonnentor
The founder and CEO John Gutmann in conversation with Noel. The pioneer John talks about the myth of the brand Sun Gate, and reveals some interesting background to the company. Particularly interesting are his ideas and recommendations to entrepreneurs in sustainable market ...
http://karmakonsum.de/jubilaeums-podcast-nr-10-sonnentor ,2829,2009-09. Html

Byodo Philosophy in Organic Code
Byodo press release
growth in the crisis? With the implementation of values such as credibility, transparency and sustainable business is just possible. Byodo recorded in the previous fiscal year revenue growth of 7%. "With this successful result in economically turbulent times we see confirmed to have chosen the organic food retail trade is the right partner," said Michael Moßbach, managing owner of the Byodo Organic Foods Inc. with the Bio-Code was developed within an industry alliance between manufacturers and retailers, which strengthens the confidence of customers in the trade and is an important success factor in securing the future of the industry ...

field liberators Michael Grolms again at large
The professional beekeepers and field liberators Michael Grolms is today because of the interim time order of the Federal Constitutional Court at 12.15 clock in the prison worden.Seine released Suhl-Goldlauter first words after 27 days in prison were "Politics can Opponents of genetic engineering locked up, but not GM maize pollen This Erzwingungshaft the anti-genetic engineering movement has become stronger after the elections, who allows genetic engineering have to deal with our resistance .".....

"Berlin goes organic" weed and beet

Germany Bio-story began in 1971 with a small health food store in Berlin. Today, the city has the highest density of organic shops all over Germany. booming organic food and natural cosmetics - organic has arrived in the middle of society. Eight top organic brands take this opportunity to elect to Berlin for the Bio-Capital. Together with all 130 Berlin, natural food stores so they start in October, the campaign goes Berlin trillion ..

Demeter-baker-group: The seminar prepared biodynamic snacks - delicious meals offer the customer fast

demeter.de customers expect from their bakery always often not only the best Bread, but also like a healthy, tasty snack for a quick meal. The Demeter's Section of the baker has recognized this trend and with the first ...
http://demeter.de/index.php?id=1613&tx_ttnews [tt_news] = 343 & tx_ttnews [backPid] = 1493 & cHash = 863682e20e

organic salads at fast-food restaurant

www.krautundrueben.de In Munich Centre has been few days ago a restaurant that specializes in fresh organic salads. Whether Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Caribbean or Asian, is something for every connoisseur - all in selected organic.
greeny's offers nine different salads, which are easily combined with meat or fish. In addition, there are grilled kebab skewers, stuffed pita pockets, homemade dips and dressings, and hot vegetables and soups. A selection of hot and cold non-alcoholic BIO drinks and premium organic wines and a "bio" beers complement the offer. All salads are prepared fresh directly before the eyes of the customer and can be taken ...

The tax office drinks fair
The organic milk is already in the refrigerator. Now in the audit department of the Tax Office comes to II nor fair trade coffee. The 50-member department in the street Bieberer participates on Friday at the Kaffee.Pause.Fair., Organized by the Association Transfair nationwide. In Offenbach supports the action ...

BIO and the Internet - Two worlds collide
20 years ago, when BIO was still in its infancy, one had to look yet, BIO-shops. Was initially sold or directly from the producer, the first slow-BIO came to the shutters Städte.Oft the topic was discussed. The pros and was kicked wide for so long, until The last noted was that the consciousness of people is changing. "People want organic products and the demand grew. Initially reluctant, the large consumer markets or against the new product line. But today are found in every supermarket products labeled organic ...

Seehofer concealed juice scandal
Berlin - The Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection under then-department chief Horst Seehofer (CSU) systematic information on chemical contamination of fruit juices, Milk and milk products retained in cartons ...

Organic Chopped
Here is a short, funny film about eco-Chopped and power of the master tables .

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Words To Describe A New Born Baby

Aldi's Organic competence
organic market. info
In the 37th Week, the discounter Aldi advertised with the slogan 'expertise in organic, "and" we love organic "for its organic range. Dairy products, the breakfast selection as well as cheese and sausage was particularly promoted. On his website explains Germany's discount Primus to be included successively more and more organic products in the standard range ...

Biokette Basic: main shareholder wants to sell shares
The quarrels the organic chain Basic do not stop. In early 2009, the Swiss investment company Asi acquired the majority stake in the chain stores that now she wants to give their shares back. The sale process is the law firm DLA Piper commissioned, according to financial circles. Interested parties - particularly venture capitalists - Have already received details about the company. Then what about the bio-chain worse than before ...

order organic wine price war is raging
Wiesbaden Kurier
What the bourgeois middle do to the society with "modern performers," added the participants experienced in meeting the manager of the Research Institute Geisenheim. Both environments constitute important target groups, namely the sale of so-called organic wine. About the chances of consumers thought Caroline Young from the Department of Business and market research a paper. The "reality of the consumers' are just as important as the classical factors age, income and education, she said. For the producers of organic products continues to be the most important post-materialist ...

TV-Tip: The Yes Men repair the world

karmakonsum.de Komunikationsguerilla 2.0. Who tonight time and has a TV, should not leave this movie on Arte missed. I also know this movie yet, but the actions of the Yes Men have been following for several years. One of your last big coup was the fake edition of the New York Times in July 2009 with a circulation of 1.2 million and a headline about the end of the Iraq war. The "special edition" the newspaper reported that Condoleezza Rice has apologized for lying about the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or that George W. Bush was accused of high treason ..
The documentary was premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival and won it at the Berlin Film Festival Audience Prize "Panorama" ...
http://karmakonsum.de/tv-tipp-die-yes-men-reparieren-die-welt ,2813,2009-09 html
see the film now Netzt.
http://plus7 .arte.tv/de/1697660, CmC = 2848360, scheduleId = 2809918.html

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Clearing Blood From Throat In Morning

lust and vices of a full-time eater
Frank Bruni ate and ate and grew fatter disgusted himself from himself then got a call from his employer, the journalist who " Whether he was restaurant critic of New York Times "? He said - and since then has his ideal weight. His new book reveals how he did it. Even today, Frank Bruni, now and then haunted by the demons that plagued him throughout his life. Last week, for example, when he caught it early by 1 clock, as he cooked a huge pot Fusilli. He was about to pour a glass of pesto over the pasta, parmesan to plane, and - just before bedtime - to swallow the sticky calories. But he caught himself. Bruni threw the noodles in the toilet and went to bed relieved to have escaped a relapse into bad times ...
http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/gesellschaft/0, 1518,647939,00. Html

Fair Trade in an unfair hand

taz.de To kick off the national days of action "Fair Week" kindled a debate about whether to discount products to offer fair-trade ...

rapeseed oil in baby food promotes brain development and immune system
rapeseed oil is in the baby food has a positive effect on the amounts of certain essential fatty acid in the blood. This has proved a study of the Research Institute for Child Nutrition (FKE). The researchers recommend to put baby food with canola oil ...

Again Greenwashing: Tetra Pak environmentally friendly?

konsumpf.de sprout
Well, the examples of dishonest advertising campaigns so currently the only way out of the ground - even the lousy company tries to use their marketing departments, a green Dress turn depend. Because of course it's much cheaper to bring in advertising the impression that you would produce something useful and Ecological when trying to actually trying to provide very clever products. See Lidl: better in TV advertising spend, to counteract the growing negative attitude towards this company, rather than do something about their own system of exploitation. Sorry, there are probably still some people / consumers gullible (or forgetful) enough to fall for such campaigns, and then the marketing people are building of course ...

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Making Buffer Calculations

Two thirds of Germans oppose genetically modified foods from
Spiegel Online
Stuttgart - The vast majority of German consumers reject GM food into. This emerges from a survey of farmers and the ...
http: / / www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/service/0, 1518,648198,00 html

Greenpeace Shows:. Genes illegal flaxseed in bread and cereals
investigation shows: Gen linseed in many foods in Germany
Greenpeace press release
In bread, cereals, baking mixes, as well as in whole and crushed flaxseed Greenpeace illegal, genetically modified linseed detected. The affected products are on 9 September has been bought at random in markets of Edeka, Rewe, Rossmann and Schlecker in Hamburg and seen by a specialist laboratory. The found gene-Lein in the EU is not yet approved for cultivation as a food. Greenpeace informed the manufacturers and supermarkets about the contamination. The supermarkets have to take the illegal gene products from the shelves immediately and make out checks that consumers are protected from contamination ...

organic pioneer: Golden Flower for Claus Hipp
(RP) He is Germany's largest organic farmer, one of the most prominent business personalities of the country, devout Catholic, a successful painter and musician - and since Saturday winner of the oldest German Environmental Award, the Golden Flower Rheydt ': Professor Claus Hipp (70), with its large baby food and the generations of Germans have been personally guaranteed in TV spots for the quality of its products ...

broccoli from Italy and cucumbers from Spain
contaminated image .
de Does Bio about it, even bio's in it - this is not just the adoption of many buyers, but also usually corresponds to the truth, as the results of the "Ökomonitoring" Report 2008. As part of this monitoring program for organic farming in 2008 about 800 foods have been tested for contamination ...
http://www.bild.de/BILD/ratgeber/gesund-fit/2009/09/08/kontrolle/von-bio-lebensmitteln-broccoli-aus-italien-gurken-aus-spanien-verunreinigt-oekomonitoring. html

organic trade is growing
Gabot - The information portal for professional horticulture
The health food market in the first half of 2009, existing floor space by 1.5% grown. Taking account of new retail space, then the growth rate in this period is 5.2%. The display data of the Federal Association Organic Natural Products (BNN) manufacturing and trade as well as from the "sales barometer of the journal BioHandel. ...
http://www.gabot.de/index.php/News-Details/52/0/?&tx_ttnews [tt_news] = 208 169 & tx_ttnews [backPid] = 1 & = 2b37367685 cHash

New Service dm becomes the first commercial enterprises nationwide in Germany magnifiers to cart a / dm is in the eyes of the customer once again the best operating nationwide drugstore
ots (press release dm-Chemist)
A new service from dm-Chemist: magnifiers, mounted on cart. The telescopes are all customers to facilitate reading the packaging prints. These select customers and to reward innovation - how the food Zeitung (LZ) in today's issue reports - dm drugstore next to the Hamburger Budnikowsky the "most service companies in the German branch trade" ...

Contra milk lakes and butter mountains. Forsa poll results: Germans want quantity instead of reducing state-subsidized overproduction
ots.de (press release BUND)
The vast majority of Germans stock declines and export subsidies to control milk prices in Europe starting. This led to a recent representative survey of the Forsa polling institute, which had been given by the Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND) and the Federation of German Dairy Farmers (BDM) in order. To help in need of country farms, 56 percent of the population hold a reduction in milk yield useful. Overall, speaks a clear majority of 59 percent in favor of that policy should take "sustained action" to reduce the overproduction of milk in the EU and to bring supply and demand into balance. The majority of respondents thus rejects a liberalization of the dairy market into the EU. French farmers protest yesterday with a milk strike against price dumping of the milk ...

bakeries criticize supply of brown flax seeds from Canada, with traces of genetically modified material - use stopped - Other linseed not affected
Newswire (press release)
The trace entries is not in the EU-approved genetically modified linseed
were delivered in the regular quality checks on

buzzer, Frikandel and why the crisis is good for Word of Mouth
I am very excited and look forward to a special moment: the launch of Buzz (www.buzzer.biz) in Germany! And this at a time when the whole world is in crisis and all believe that nothing will be as before. We believe that too - at least in terms of the marketing world, but we believe that we can improve it! What is Buzz, and why I think that is just enforce this idea in future
Now, while most who read this post, probably already know, since they would not otherwise be here ... the buzz brought you here, right?. ..
http://de.buzzer.biz/buzzlog-wp/?p=201 # more-201

antibiotics in food - with biofuel?
for bioethanol producer, this seems to be not a good year. First, at present, prices in the cellar, now in the United States is also another hardship to them: As reported the scientist Stan Cox in an article for the Grand Forks Herald, had the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of USA unpleasant by-products such as antibiotics in the residues of some ethanol producers found. In itself this is not surprising. In the U.S. ethanol is produced mainly from corn. This is a corn-water mixture by using Enzymen vergoren. Ähnlich wie beim Bierbrauen entsteht dabei Alkohol...

The Food Project - Youth Growing Together
Starbucks on YouTube
In 2009 Starbucks awarded 50 Shared Planet Youth Action Grants totaling $842,000 to US non-profit organization to help support young people identify and address local needs. Starbucks is proud to support the work of all of these organizations including The Food Project in Boston, Massachusetts. The Food Project supports youth in producing healthy food for residents of the city and suburbs, provides youth leadership opportunities, and supports others to create change in their own communities ...

Cornstarch Where To Buy In Uk

The Beo-organic dizziness
as "organic refreshment" from "natural ingredients" and without "artificial additives" Carlsberg advertises its "beo home" spray. But in the drink in "excellent organic quality" stuck in reality only 5.5 percent "organic". In the form of sugar and barley malt. Main ingredient is ordinary water, for taste and color do not make organic fruit, but most of all additives and unspecified natural flavors ...

International Green Brands study
In the W & L was an interesting article about a new international study on green branding.
the middle of the crisis to worry about 30% of German consumers are more concerned about the environment and the economy. This shows the international study, "Green Brands 4.0", published by the American PR agency Cohn & Wolfe Public Relations, and was raised in the seven countries USA, UK, China, Brazil, India, Germany and France. For the first time German consumers about environmental protection and "green stamps" were asked ...
http://karmakonsum.de/internationale-studie-green-brands ,2799,2009-09. html

partly contaminated corn seed genetically

aerztezeitung.de In 22 of 386 examined maize seed samples in Germany found This year marks actually prohibited from genetically modified maize. This is clear from the research organizations Greenpeace and organic. As the organizations announced on Wednesday in Mainz and Hamburg, the genetic component in all cases was below 0.1 percent respectively. The organizations are calling for the hundred percent purity of the seed ...

organic cucumber from Spain are contaminated
Comprendes.de - The Spain magazine in German language - 12 hours ago
Ökomonitoring its annual report published in 2008. 95 percent of the products are no complaints. For organic cucumbers from Spain, there were complaints. ...

Olivenöl in Bag-in-Box zum Vorzugspreis

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Baixar Hack De Pokemon Deluge

will hide and seek on a traffic light
The EU and its member countries, a food-labeling with an easy to understand color code ban - which tries to disguise the Agriculture Ministry told the press
About a requirement for food manufacturers, a high, medium or low content of various fats, sugar and salt with the traffic light colors red, yellow and green to indicate, is discussed for a long time. Although what is considered healthy or not healthy, also subject to scientific and social fashion - however, a labeling requirement compared to measures such as a ban, a relatively mild intervention. Nevertheless, the food industry, however their lobbying apparatus brought into position. Set on was seen as normal in democratic theory and control weakest point of the political system in the EU in Brussels. There, the Commission has prepared a draft regulation on nutrition labeling, which prohibits for [external] details of [external] Food Watch member countries to introduce such a light duty. Arises, the consumer organization "in food law an unprecedented intervention by the EU to the legislative competence of the Member States". This was bad not only for the health insurance, but even with a majority. In July, the findings of a representative survey by the Emnid Institute, that 69 percent of Germans are for the introduction of such a traffic light food and sometimes even decline 77 percent to ban such a scheme by the EU ...

New Packaging: Consumer advocates denounce hidden price increases to
Many customers have feared, is now it proved: The food industry uses the new package sizes for trickery. Consumer advocates registered with test purchases always the same principle - less for the same money. more ...
The Consumer Hamburg warns of hidden price increases on the supermarket shelf. been observing the disappearance of almost all the mandatory requirements set for food packages in the spring, the consumer advocates more trickery with changes in package sizes, such as trade expert Armin Valet announced on Wednesday. The scam is always the same: less for the same money ...
http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/service/0, 1518,647924,00. Html

rapid tests to detect allergens in foods in the future
The Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) - awarded in Berlin, the research project to develop rapid tests for the detection of allergens in food to the ifp Institute for Product Quality, Berlin - as part of the Action plan for allergies. Allergenic ingredients, the recipe for a food must include, packaged foods be labeled with, for unpackaged foods such as sausage or bread, the European regulations are in preparation. The immunological and molecular rapid tests in lateral format will assist businesses in their allergen management and increase product safety ...

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P 90 X Online Stream Free

With the support of ethical use in future opportunities

absatzwirtschaft.de Thus, ethical consumption can develop further in the future positively, have to which are still indifferent, for younger consumers are obtained. This is a result of the "Otto Group Trend Survey 2009: The future of ethical consumption", for the respondent, the "trend office" as a consultancy for social change in the life of 1000 people aged between 16 and 74. In addition, it estimates from expert interviews and workshops had been included. Thereafter, organic, fair-and regio-products are booming despite stagnant wages, and especially women, more-educated and 48 - had driven up to 67 years old this development ...
http://www.absatzwirtschaft.de/Content/Marketingstrategie/News/_pv/_p/1003002/_t/ft/_b/68805/default.aspx/mit-unterstuetzung-hat-ethischer-konsum-in-zukunft- chancen.html

broccoli from Italy, Spain and cucumbers from contaminated
bio it says, is organic in it - this is not just the adoption of many buyers, but also usually corresponds to the truth as the results of the "Ökomonitoring" Report 2008 shows. As part of this monitoring program for organic farming in 2008 about 800 foods have been tested for contaminants.
result: 95 percent of the surveyed organic fruit and vegetable samples from home and abroad, performed well. They carry the organic seal correctly. There were some outliers: When Broccoli six of 18 samples from southern Italy had for ...
http://www.bild.de/BILD/ratgeber/gesund-fit/2009/09/08/kontrolle/von-bio-lebensmitteln-broccoli-aus-italien-gurken-aus-spanien-verunreinigt-oekomonitoring. html

LCA: Organic fruit traveling
bananas from Ecuador, asparagus from Greece - "Organic" is not automatic for regional or seasonal goods. What is in Bioregal comes more often from distant lands. This is reflected in the ecological balance. But local products are not always the better choice. Gone are the days when organic products a niche in dusty eco-stores-ended and that the selection was limited to shriveled apples, a few local vegetables and lots of grains. From delicacies market to discounters now bio can be found on the shelves. In 2006 bought by consumers in Germany for € 4.5 billion organic products - around 30 percent of the total European organic sales ...

Weiling expands in the south
Ahlener newspaper
CEO Bernd Weiland (above right) is pleased about the fact that the second logistics center of his Bio-Wholesale is already so far. ... "Without the consumer, it is not"

Rapid changes are mainly Include in the markets, the green innovations. News.de spoke to sustainability strategist Thomas Haberland BUND about who is playing the role ...

Sustainable Goods of the Federal Government
The funny picture one to the caravan converted cart I found at the picture research for this article. 130,000 the first version of the brochure "The Nachhaltgie basket" has been ordered or downloaded. I myself know the brochure and find it is really gut.Jetzt the brochure by the Council for Sustainable development of the Federal Government is published, available in a new, completely revised edition ...
http://karmakonsum.de/nachhaltiger-warenkorb-der-bundesregierung ,2787,2009-09 html

nuts. Frequent consumption does not lead to weight gain
nuts increased by high protein and fiber content satiety. The frequent consumption of nuts did not appear to increase the risk for obesity. On the contrary: The nuts can be used as part of a balanced diet even help with weight control. That was the conclusion of a U.S. study in which more surveyed 50,000 nurses aged 20 to 45 years to her diet and lifestyle habits. In addition, the development of body weight was recorded regularly ...
http://www.talkingfood.de/presse/presseschau/TITEL-N% C3% BCsse:% 20H% C3% A4ufiger 20Verzehr%%%% 20f% C3 BChrt% 20to% 20nicht 20Gewichtszunahme, 7,34,5592 . html

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Reduce Redness Of Scratches

Cheese Festival in the Park Hesse

demeter.de On 20 September 10, the clock load fox farms - regional direct trade for organic cheese - and cheese in the house of Hesse Park in the second Neu-Anspach/Taunus cheese festival. Traditional cheese-Crafts to watch and participate and information about organic food, to cabaret and music for all on the program. Read more about it here
www.kaesehaus-hessenpark.de , www.fuchshoefe.de , www.hessenpark.de

Is organic beef better?
ots Austria
Scientific screening provides evidence of quality differences between organic and conventional beef!
was the first time, in Austria on the part of the teaching and research center space mountain Gumpenstein a scientific screening, ie, a scientific study prior to differences in quality of food offered for sale in biological Created and conventional beef-brand programs. The research center has space mountain Gumpenstein under the direction of Dr. Andreas Stein ram its own bio-Institute, dedicated to specific questions about the bio-research ...

Are organic foods really too expensive?
Bonn - Although an increasing number of consumers to organic foods, they are for many no alternative in the food shelf.
Are organic foods really too expensive? The reason is often called the high price. Whether this is so, examined Sabine and Professor Ulrich Plassmann Hamm of the University of Kassel. From November 2007-February 2008 customers surveyed and observed them in two shops in the traditional food retailers and natural food trade ...
http://www.proplanta.de/Agrar-Nachrichten/agrar_news_themen.php?MOF1=1222776820&MRID=1200331164&MLF1=1140008702&MLID=1200331157&MHID=6&MUID=5&MOID=1 & & T = 1252283141 & & 1140008702 & SiteID = 99 & MORE = MORE = 99 & FU1 = 1252283101 & Fu1Ba = 1140008702 & ArC = 0 & & ArCJ LASTAKTUELLID = = = & & ARCM ROalAk = 269 & LaZ = 15 & LSZ = 0 & & Sugi EGSA = =

manual for the critical consumer
More than 1,000 food comes every year on the market. The fashion specialty stores will change six times a year, with Hennes & Mauritz and 14 days. The Nuremberg Toy Fair every year around 70,000 new shows. Many of the innovations are dictated quality products - often it is even "Made in Germany". But it is such a thing with the quality ....
manual for the critical consumer ...

organic market was booming again in 2008
The organic market continues to grow at a slower pace. Neither in the past, this year was a decline in the organic food market seen was the conclusion of experts. Despite modest sales growth of organic food trade could claim in 2008 with 22% market share, the food retailing increased by 4% to 57% of the organic market to ...

Our daily bread give us today. Or better not? Blessing and curse of eating cereal
edition.de Only a small portion of raw vegetables is important, more is usually harmful.
generations nutrition experts have argued about whether one should eat more raw or cooked. In weighing up the pros and cons I come, as I pointed out just in two articles in the Reader's Edtion (see here and here), to the conclusion that a bit of finely ground raw food of the highest value for the health of our body cells and the production of all important functions in body, mind and spirit are - Keywords: Synthesis of the key hormone serotonin in the head. More like, however, is critical and is tolerated by few ...
http://www.readers-edition.de/2009/09/03/unser-taeglich-brot-gib-uns-heute-oder-besser-nicht-segen-und-fluch-des-verzehrs-von- corn /

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Glandular Fever Stomach Pain

sustainable companies are winners of the crisis
fair trade coffee and eco-cars: A study by the Germans consume environmentally responsible and ethically correct - especially in a crisis. Some organic products are even more popular than before. Young consumers are opposed to the trend, however.
Toyota had the right nose: With Heike Makatsch as the figurehead of the automotive group is promoting the new Prius with hybrid drive. "I will protect what I love," Makatsch says in the commercial. Advertise with celebrities for an ecological future - for many companies is now a useful marketing strategy. At least come to the conclusion on Friday published study "The Future of ethical consumption" of the Otto Group ...
http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/service/0, 1518,646976,00 html
studies downloads.
http://www.trendbuero.de/index.php?f_categoryId=126 & ; f_articleId = 3768

, Nestlé Group "NaturPur" soups from the market

The food company Nestlé's Maggi "NaturPur" has-packet soup taken off the market - what the consumer organization Food Watch as a success for their campaign devalued against the instant product. Food Watch said on Thursday: "The seemingly natural wonders had with "pure nature" not to do much. " On the package had "no additive flavor enhancer" confessed, but still had flavor enhancer ...

India's successful for the international organic market

biofach.de The long-standing good contacts with the International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture, ICCOA , organizer of the IOTF bear fruit: At the same time and together with the fifth India Organic Trade Fair takes place now on 18 to 20 November the premiere of BioFach India 2009. Co-organizer of the exhibition is the duo ICCOA. Actors local market experts from around the world agree: The time has come to offer the high bio-potential of India and a network platform to the Indian market even more international. India's government is supporting the organic sector with funding and support programs to it continues to expand rapidly. The goal for 2012: two million hectares of certified organic acreage and sales of organic products of one billion U.S. dollars.

BioFach Japan 2009: A must for experts in the Asia-Pacific market

biofach.de From 7 to 9 BioFach Japan in October 2009 inviting the international organic industry for the ninth time in the metropolis Tokyo,. For all who are interested in the organic markets and the products of the Asia-Pacific region, this is a must. Japan, the motherland of tamari, tofu, miso and sushi, offers as many countries in the Asia-Pacific region foodstuffs demand in Europe. The best opportunity to get to know the local market, offering BioFach Japan and the parallel event, the Natural Expo Exhibition Center Tokyo Big Sight. Last year over 14,500 visitors and 240 exhibitors took this opportunity. In addition to a wide range of foodstuffs, the trade fair duo presented in three special areas for wine, cosmetics and textiles best bio in Asia.

Biomaterials - and good!
says prejudiced the "bio" he says, for example Endvierzigerinnen in large mesh baggy sweaters, bake delicious spelled nothing to buffer. Or a thriving colony of fruit flies, including waiting with infinite patience the wrinkly vegetable section of the organic market ("injected non-guaranteed!"). But it is also quite different ...

organic sector in Germany is growing by 10% in 2008
The organic market is growing at a slower pace further. Neither in the past, this year was a decline in the organic food market seen was the conclusion of Markus Rippin (Agromilagro), together with Ulrich Hamm, a professor at the University of Kassel, each year the size of the market for organic food investigated. Despite modest sales growth of organic food trade could claim in 2008 with 22% market share, the food retailing increased by 4% to 57% of the organic market. This is according to the provisional statistics. Sales of organic food industry has increased accordingly from EUR 1.18 billion to 1.26 billion EUR. The retail food trade increased from 2.8 billion to EUR 3.36 billion. The total turnover of the organic industry is given for 2008 of EUR 5.85 billion previously EUR 5.3 billion. Producers Craft and health food stores have both in absolute terms and in market share, reverse engineered. Also for the first half of 2009, Hamm and Rippin see no drop in sales.

Video: Burger go home: In the United States is booming organic health food
Who saves on food these days is rather thicker than thinner. But in America is emerging, despite the financial crisis, a counter-movement: The organic market is booming, and instead of Burger comes to health ...

First use permit "GM" logo
end of August, at a press conference of Peasant producer group Schwäbisch Hall with Federal Minister Aigner presented the use of the "GM" logo. The farming of producers Schwäbisch Hall was one of the first two companies to which the use of the logo is permitted. Every day, the ministry further inquiries, said in a statement. The BMELV has registered the label "GM" as a word-picture brand and offer it to manufacturers who label their products as "GM" want to charge for use. The award of the logo is the future of the economy by an interested club to be founded. Until then, the BMELV granted the use permit. The BNN recommends to organic products so marked that it is clear that they are always free of genetic engineering, ie with the addition of "GMO-free because trillion"

English government distributed 25,000 leaflets on organic production
The English Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries (MARM) has shipped over 25,000 copies, according to own data of the manual "Conocer y vive la Agricultura Ecológica" on organic production for consumers in eight national consumer associations. The goal is to make this type of production known among consumers, within the framework of the Plan to promote organic agriculture 2007-2010 ", designed to improve domestic demand.
The manual provides information on the labeling of organic foods, the basics of organic farming, the impact on the conservation of natural resources, improvement of animal breeding and the processing and marketing. The website of the MARM is the manual available for download.
www.alimentacion.es and www.mapa.es

France announces strengthening of the organic farming
early August in France the law "Loi Grenelle" has been published. The 32-page Rules is from the Earth Summit 'Grenelle de l'Environnement ", which took place two years ago, emerged. The Act defines, inter alia, the national action plan to combat climate change and adopt specific rules designed to contribute to "sustainable development" of the country, Michael Boehm reported from Brittany Organic Association IBB.
addition to the issues of energy, transport, waste, etc., are also listed concrete measures in the field of agriculture. At several points in the text of the law, the principles of organic farming are highlighted. Article 31 also sets out clear goals for the French organic farming: in 2012 to 6% of agricultural Area is to be appointed under ecological conditions, 2020 should be even 20%. As concrete support measure to double the funding ceiling for organic farms was decided.

herbs as biological insecticides?
In a new study in the U.S., researchers found that can be made from herbs such as rosemary, thyme, clove and mint environmentally friendly pesticides. As part of a growing interest in organically produced fruit and vegetables in the future could be old spice known species, a new weapon in organic farming against annoying insects.

German organic seal on 55,000 products
3307 companies have come forward to end of July 2009, marking a total of 54 800 products in the Bio-Siegel information. Since the introduction of the national eco-labels on 5 September 2001 indicated a daily average of 19 products that are labeled with the Bio-Siegel. Every day is a new company added in the section as a sign users. In June 2009 the department was expanded to include products of aquaculture. Ensure that the products are recorded in 27 departments.

EU technology platform developed research agenda
The research platform 'TP Organics' has held its annual forum in Brussels in July and presented a first draft in a second, larger publication: The research timetable.
This was an important further step in terms of research to better bio-food production. The positive contribution of organic agriculture to world climate change, conservation of biodiversity, food security and migration from rural areas can be studied with the projects and look better. The first draft of the SRA revealed a number of constructive comments during an initial online survey in May and June. The revised research schedule is presented in a further round of public consultation on the website from mid-September.

Green Earth expanded natural cosmetic series

biofach.de With the new, decorative natural cosmetics line Angana, the environmental Green Earth store in Austria, a high-quality, natural skin care with intense shimmering mineral and organic pigments combined. In addition, Green Earth is also in the packaging of a completely new direction, according to a press release of the company. For the high-quality wood packaging from local maple not only look good, but are also refillable. They are produced in Europe and are due to handmade quality real the hand. Decorative natural cosmetic products from Green Earth meet the guidelines for organic natural cosmetics from Ecocert. In Graz and Villach Green Earth recently opened each 40 square meters of natural cosmetics shops.
www.kurier.at cooperate

Appy and Korres
The premium brands Appy and Korres natural products growing natural personal care segment will develop together. This co-distribution company, the Munich District and the two products Appy GmbH, Frankfurt / Main since August 2009. With this alliance, they support each other to market its premium brands in the German perfume retailers. This strategic move gives both companies a variety of distribution synergies to serve the perfume market, according to the press release of the company.
in 1996 in Athens, founded in 2004 and two from District offers distributed in Germany natural cosmetics brand Korres natural products for face care line, body and hair and sun care products and decorative cosmetics plant origin to. The skin care products are Ecocert certified.
The German-Italian family business Appy develops and produces premium natural beauty products based on organically grown Aloe Vera from Sardinia.

special messages
+ + + It was recently founded the "health food GmbH, based in Hamburg, as a central platform for the reform of Goods. From January 2010 all food stores can participate in a shopping center with integrated logistics.
+ + + The Norwegian government wants to achieve by the year 2015, an organic share of agriculture and the consumption of 15%. As part of the plan now units of the Norwegian military in Northern Norway in a pilot project with organic food to be supplied.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Invitation In Kannada

young people refuse the eco-trend

stern.de Despite the crisis - the Germans are willing in the future for environmentally sound products to pay more. This has resulted in the study of a Hamburg-based consulting firm. Yet even its purchase tomorrow refuse.
The Germans save in crisis, but not the green lifestyle. 75 percent of Germans would buy fair trade chocolate, cosmetics and more of the same. Especially with the women of ambition is still growing: 65 percent say they're going to put even more in future Ökoware in your shopping cart, such as hamburgers trend researchers have found in a recent study ...

Genetically modified organisms on the communal farm
Märkische General prohibited - Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany
on the agricultural land that are owned by the municipality Wiesenburg / trademark, should be grown no genetically modified organisms. The administration is mandated to amend the leases with a restriction notice. With 16 votes and 5 votes against and one abstention from the vote for Mayor Barbara Klembt (The Left) the motion put forward was clear. The debate was previously controversial. The skepticism was high. "Currently we have no need," said Lothar Spies corner. "If the European corn borer is, must be converted to the ressistenten species, "predicted the manager of the farm Fläming Grubo e. G.. Sieghard Rabinovich (The Left) argued that otherwise would have more pesticides are used. "Once the danger has not been proven. If necessary, the federal government will take the necessary measures, "Robert Pulz hoped. "The progress you should not close but," he said, and Horst Franke ...

The Cheese parallel universe
It is analog, ripoff, false or artificial cheese, lurks in the Cordon Bleu and the pizza. Food manufacturers are increasingly replacing real cheese by this Billigpampe. Aufreger to the kind of marking on the packages. Well it could be again that the product mass is purely vegetable - or what do you think? Take slightly warmed coconut oil or palm oil and cannot do plenty of protein powder. Now, a few buckets of water and add the stabilizer to the slurry together. A watch up to two minutes, then the creamy mass of the "direct steam injection," Heat. After this the ideal time to make the Taste: A strong dose of counterfeit artificially Cheese flavors and a dash of flavor enhancers in mixed, plus an acid regulator. Cool down, pack into portions and ready is the cheese. Whether mozzarella, Gouda, feta and Parmesan, satisfy all the faux "flavor profiles" ...

Öko-Test: Organic milk contains more essential fatty acids
about drinks. com
falls The price of milk and drops, but that is - at the moment at least - not at the expense of quality. The Frankfurt-based consumer magazine Öko-Test was tested in the current issue, whether it's worth it to buy expensive organic milk brand and keep up, or whether cheaper products. Similarly wanted ECO-TEST know whether the longer-lasting ESL milk differs qualitatively from the classic fresh pasteurized milk. Editor Jürgen Stellpflug summarizes the result: "The quality was almost all the points we studied brands. However, we have found that organic milk contains the most omega-3 fatty acids. "A quarter of the 32 samples of milk has a low content of these essential fatty acids. This indicates that the cows got to eat only maize and concentrates. Organic farmers send their cows to the meadow on the other hand - For the milk that is far better ...

interview with the founder of Treehugger.com
The platform Treehugger.com me from the beginning to LOHAS very inspired theme. On the one hand, this very website a fresh design and has really Nachhaltigkeit.Jetzt very good content on the topic, I found a video in which the founder Graham Hill to speak. He talks including on the power of social (green) media ...

Elevision - Treehugger.com 's Founder Graham Hill from Alex King Mito & Media on Vimeo .

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Vision Looks Like Kaleidoscope

annual general meeting of Rapunzel AG
Rapunzel Press Release
on Against the backdrop of the ongoing work on the legal status change from Rapunzel Organic Foods Ltd. into a Rapunzel Organic GmbH and of turbulent Extraordinary General Meeting 2002 . March this year, at which the decision was taken on the legal status change was also due for the Annual General Meeting for 2008, tension in the air ...

preliminary: Vegetarians skip this post ... maybe better.
berlin eat bio blog-
Interestingly, my reports provided on the new ground-kebab on the Access Walder Street (who has now moved completely over to new territory - which unfortunately is not "organic" is) and my report on "Bio-buffet" in the Marheinekehalle (where there was actually the first bio-kebab, which was unfortunately taken out of the program) for the biggest feedback. Somehow, not surprising when you consider that there are few, all now in organic quality are two of the Berliner favorite snack specialties not: Döner and falafel. This gap has now closed ...

gene rapeseed areas must be disclosed

naturkost.de In the fall of 2007, in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern total of 1500 hectares of canola seed of the variety sown Taurus, which was contaminated with illegal GM canola. This inadvertently contaminated with GM rape fields must be disclosed in Lower Saxony. This is the administrative court in Hanover decided. Here, organic has finally prevailed with his actions now against the state of Lower Saxony ...

Europe: model bio-organic farming
Organic farming in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern met, according to the environmental organization BUND the requirements to become a model of a modern and sustainable agriculture in Europe. A new study by the federal government should now provide an overview of organic farming in the northeast Deutschalnd ...

additives in Frosta
Internet there is a long version of the new chill commercials. Interesting.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TW3aU7mfXo booming

The wholesale organic food
court - the economic crisis has now reached the organic industry? According to a study by market research firm GfK, the German consumers seem to be eco-tired. The current study found that the Germans spent the first half of 2009, four percent less money for organic food and beverages. GfK was to investigate the purchasing behavior of 30 000 households under the microscope. But what is the current situation in the region court - the crisis of the organic boom slowed down in this country? The Franks Post asked some health food vendors to ...
http://www.frankenpost.de/nachrichten/hofrehau/heimatspiegel/art2437, 1071207

new additive Encyclopedia
The first German additive Museum has provided a very useful feature online. Thus, the user can now be enjoyed on the website is not only a virtual tour of the solid (but somewhat small museum) in Hamburg, but check in concrete terms about the various additives in the food ...

German love fast food: Survey of the journal acquisa in cooperation with the Agency, "The Fellowship
If the Time is running out and treat your stomach growl, the Germans a quick snack at McDonalds, Burger King & Co. This is the result of a recent survey by the Cologne-based agency, The Fellowship in cooperation with acquisa. Accordingly, time pressure
drives much of the respondents in the fast-food chains. In this respect, of course, plays a role in the situation of the provider (61 percent). 37 percent opt for quality and taste of their favorites, for 36 percent of it is habit. 21 percent were attracted by a coupon or a discount card. More than half is indeed irregular, but a few times a month at a fast food restaurant. 25 percent viewed once or twice a week and 14 percent, even more often than twice a week for a quick snack over ...

Multifunctional agriculture - such as organic farms perform social tasks

oekolandbau.de organic farms because of their structure offer a wide range of employment opportunities. Experiences of different Hofbetreibern in Germany and other European countries show that organic farming operations integrate very well people who come into contact first with agriculture. Examples include requiring treatment or socially disadvantaged people with different disabilities. The Academy of Landscape Design Germany wants to prove with their project that organic farms are as a social institution of great value - and the networking of social-oriented farms with higher authorities and institutions should be encouraged.

in organic pet food - a new standard promises clarity
In Germany households live more than 20 million pets - hamsters, dogs, birds, and especially cats. For pet food, the holder gave in 2008 from more than two and a half billion euros. More and more consumers are asking for food in organic form. Until recently there was this, however, no Criteria. In force since the beginning of 2009 valid new EC legislation on organic farming for the first time for pet food. Biokontrolleure Prüfvereins processing of organic farming products eV, which is responsible for the certification of organic foods and products, developed based on the new legislation a new standard. He is now regarded throughout Germany for all animal feed and regulates clearly note what pet food manufacturers must address if they want to advertise in the future with the label "organic."

nitrogen for organic farming - living mulch systems with legumes
The lack of supply of nitrogen for crops in organic farming, a recurring problem. Legumes (Fabaceae), although good nitrogen source. However, they were thought to be unsuitable because they are a living mulch system with each other or in combination with other plant varieties are often incompatible. Now, researchers took the Technical University of Munich certain annual legumes are being examined and tested their suitability as a nitrogen source in cereal crops. The result: Under certain growing conditions, the annual legume subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum) and field clover (Trifolium campestre) as an alternative nitrogen source suitable.

shield for lemon balm, sage and thyme - as Biogewürze can be saved from cicada infestation

oekolandbau.de In Central Europe is increasingly broad sheet of cicadas. Only a few millimeters large animals are close relatives of the Mediterranean buzzing insects. Some species attack rhododendrons and roses in the flower garden. Others prefer spices and medicinal herbs such as sage or basil and cause enormous damage. Especially organic farmers suffer from the cicada infestation, because they may not use chemical pesticides syntetic. In the search for biological methods for the control of leafhoppers, German researchers found what: neem, an extract from the tropical neem tree, proved to be effective against cicada larvae. Another method of research: Frequent and mosquito nets similar protective nets stretched across the spices - and also protect reliably against cicada infestation.

Intelligent and of course - researchers are developing new strategies for growing onions

oekolandbau.de Ökozwiebeln have been grown in the rule either by sowing or planting onions. Both methods of cultivation could not be operated economically frequently in recent years. The reasons: While the Säzwiebelanbau was affected by downy mildew and the high cost of weed control, there was the onion cultivation in high yield losses due to Fusarium (parasitic fungi). In an under the Federal Organic Farming Scheme (BÖL) research project carried out an alternative method of cultivation with seed onions was developed and its efficiency checked.

Less air pollutants from the organic farming - Researchers examine the impact of agriculture on the greenhouse effect

oekolandbau.de the topic of "greenhouse effect" thinking you quickly to climate damaging cars or aircraft exhaust and less on agriculture. But less than ten percent of all emissions in Germany come from the agricultural sector. To push this value, farmers must know the "climate killer" hiding in the barn and on the field. Agricultural scientists at the Technical University of Munich have therefore made together with colleagues from other universities in the search. They explore the three-year research project "Climate impacts and sustainability of organic and conventional operating systems - investigations on a network of pilot farms, the extent to which we optimized by cultivation practices and by converting to organic farming, greenhouse Can reduce emissions.

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